Windows 12 might be released as soon as 2024

Windows 12 might be released as soon as 2024

Windows 11 was released six years after Windows 10, however the following significant OS update may occur much sooner than anticipated. According to insiders with knowledge of the situation, Microsoft will adopt a three-year release cycle for operating systems, which means that Windows 12 might become a reality as early as 2024.

A significant OS update for Windows 11 is coming in 2024, although it’s unclear if it will be Windows 12 or just a new version of Windows 11. Microsoft also intends to provide new features for current Windows users more frequently.

With Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft debuted “Moments,” an upgrade that enables engineers to seed significant features to current users without releasing any significant updates. As a result, Microsoft was able to include the weather button on the taskbar with Windows 11. The revision is also known as Sunny Valley 2.

The upgrade Sunny Valley 3 was supposed to debut in 2023, but it appears that plan has been abandoned and the update will instead arrive in 2024. If it will be released concurrently with the following significant OS upgrade is unknown.

Users would be able to access new features much more quickly than in the past thanks to this new technique of distributing Windows updates without needing to wait for significant OS changes. Additionally, this will offer developers additional time to check features for bugs prior to a formal release.

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