Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down? A Super In-depth Guide!

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When you start to question, “why are my TikTok views going down?” you should realize that this might be happening for a number of different causes. If you’re an entrepreneur or an influencer, having a steady stream of views on TikTok is crucial to your success.

Why Aren’t People Watching My TikTok Videos? Why are my TikTok views going down?

It is natural to feel perplexed and frustrated when you notice a sudden decline in pageviews.

Read on to find the answer to that question and much more information on the subject.

Why aren’t people watching your TikTok videos & your TikTok views going down?

Being shadow-banned, creating inappropriate content, creating a new account, etc. are all possible causes of a decline in your TikTok views. The number of people who watch your videos will go down if the content ceases to be interesting to them, and if some of them find it detrimental, they will stop watching it altogether.

You Have Been Shadow Banned

Let’s break into the specifics of why your TikTok popularity is dwindling. Of all of them, this one is the most inconspicuous. This is a brilliant strategy for TikTok to rein in its ever-expanding library of content without alienating its user base. It’s a short-term block that hides content from users and prevents them from accessing it when:

The uploaded content exists in a murky area where its appropriateness is hard to determine.

The content violates the company’s rules and guidelines, but not to a severe enough extent to warrant an immediate and permanent ban.

Since being “shadow-banned” is an unauthorized process, you won’t be informed if you’ve been affected by it, and you’ll need a keen eye to catch it if it happens to you. Without using hashtags, you might not realize when your views, likes, and following begin to decline.

Change the TikTok Rating System

It’s possible that your account is shadowbanned if a random search for a hashtag you’ve used in a video doesn’t return any results.

TikTok Welcomes Your New Account

If you’re just starting, there isn’t something to worry about because it normally takes time for a new account to establish traction. A seasoned creator can easily assume that their new account will attract the same large audience and devoted followers as their previous one just because the creator is well-known in the niche (s).

TikTok has a thorough account verification process, so this can’t happen instantly. This means that it takes around six months to show that an account is legitimate and not run by a bot. Despite their severe appearance, these safeguards are necessary to keep dishonest players from creating bogus identities and harassing other users.

The good news is that, as we’ll discuss in the improvements section, there are ways to speed up this procedure.

The Material You Have Posted Is Defamatory if your TikTok Views Going Down

If any of your videos violate TikTok’s rules, your account will be permanently deleted. Violence, defamation, intimidation, and graphic sexual content are just some of the elements that can be found in inappropriate videos.

It could take some time for your TikTok account to be unblocked if inappropriate content was reported. Due to the inaccessibility of your account during the restricted period, your viewership will plummet.

Since TikTok’s algorithm is so well-designed, it is quick to identify and remove questionable videos. To succeed, creators need to put in the time and effort to not only learn the rules that apply to them but also to position themselves in accordance with those rules. The rules of the TikTok community must also be known to them.

There is a problem with the quality of your material or your business is not in line with TikTok’s terms, conditions, and algorithms if your likes are decreasing. Furthermore, if you submit controversial material, your page views will decrease. A trigger warning is appended to your video when uploaded to TokTok, so people who notice the warning may choose to avoid the movie. This, in turn, will result in fewer people watching your videos on TikTok.

You Are Not A Trendsetter

TikTok’s popularity grows in step with the latest trends. You can be missing out on a winning tactic that could save your business if you ignore what’s currently popular. Watch the most popular videos on TikTok to get a feel for the platform’s current aesthetic.

Humans are predisposed to want to fit in with a crowd, making them susceptible to peer pressure and making them judge others’ credibility based on how many people follow them on TikTok.

The Initial Five Videos Didn’t Do Very Well

Your first five videos’ reception on the For You page is determined entirely by an algorithm. This is the trial run, where you show off your skills to the world and get feedback on how well your content is received.

Your future classification is mostly dependent on these five videos and how you perform in that area. So you should focus on having more TikTok views on these videos and focus on getting more TikTok likes. You will never face the issue of TikTok views going down if you will focus on buying TikTok views from time to time.

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