What material is best for double side tape?

Double side tape

Double side tape is an economical and very viable alternative to glue which are very easy for applying to surfaces but also much safer for workers as there are no concerns with the inhalation of chemical fumes, skin damage or other hazards commonly linked with glue. 

Double side tape comes in a number of different types and sizes, which some types specifically suited for particular applications. Some may be suited for decorating while others are appropriate for mounting wall posters while others can stick different pieces of wood together etc. 

In order to work out the type of material that is best for the purpose you want to use double side tape for, it is important to know some of the most common types. 

Acrylic tape

Acrylic double side tape has many industrial uses because of its multitude of characteristics. They are able to adhere to surfaces in a much superior manner than is the case with tissue tape while possessing superb weather resistance that makes them perfect for interior and external use. However they can only be used when it is necessary to perform permanent bonding. 

Floor tape

There are types of double side tape that have been optimised for usage on the surfaces of floors. This tape usually has extraordinary shear resistance to ensure that whatever they have been applied onto will remain in place. Floor carpet type is one such example of this, as this is used to make sure carpets remain in place, as well as to keep vinyl sheet flooring secure. 

Plate mounting tape

The printing industry makes a lot of use of plate mounting tape, which secures flexographic printing plates on the sleeves or cylinders of mass printing machines. Since these rotate at extremely high speeds, it is crucial that the mounted plates remain in position during the printing process. This tape is specifically made to have resistance to this heavy duty use. 

Polyethylene foam tape

This type of tape comes with a number of features that separate it from its acrylic and tissue equivalents. As it is has been manufactured with polyethylene it is able to offer very thick cushioning that enables it to absorb heavy impacts as well as dampen sounds resulting from surface vibrations and provide insulation. There are also differently shaped products available for the sake of convenience, allowing them to be bought in the form of dots, pads or strips.

Tissue tape

This is one of the most frequently used double side tapes. This double side tape is coated with tissue paper and is widely used in a variety of art, general, office and stationery applications. They are extremely convenient due to how easy they are to rip off, while being thin enough to stick to irregular surfaces. This tape is also extremely affordable, making it a very viable alternative to using glue in regards to light bonding tasks. 

Double side tape is excellent for general and industrial bonding, mounting and sticking needs.  

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