Vaccine Passport Verification- How Is It Perceived All Over The World?

Vaccine Passport Verification- How Is It Perceived All Over The World?

Getting vaccinated means many things. For example, the open access to stores, restriction-free traveling, and joining our loved ones once again. To speed up the process, a COVID-19 vaccine passport was introduced. The objective was to motivate people toward immunization. Moreover, it was an important step to rekindle economies all over the world.

Globally several countries have supported the idea of a Digital Green Certificate and some of them are already on their way to introducing COVID vaccine passports for their citizens. The benefit of the passport is that the passport covid verification holder will be able to travel all around the world without COVID restrictions. Also, undoubtedly document verification using AI technology is an excellent solution to identify fake documents and stop identity fraud.

Is Covid Vaccine Passport (CVP) A Form Of Global Travel Pass?

No, CVP is not a global travel pass. In reality, it is an online application that shows the immunity of the individual. It means that the individual has antibodies against COVID-19 and has tested negative for the deadly virus.

What Is The Perception Of Different Countries Regarding CVP?

Fortunately, CVP is enabling countries to lift the travel restrictions and allow businesses, educational institutes, and public areas to open again. The reaction is encouraging so far.

What Is The Point of View of The European Union (EU)?

The objective behind the EU vaccine pass is to allow the countries to open safe traveling across borders. The higher authorities in the EU want the process to be conducted smoothly. 

The certificate can be online or in paper form. It will help the user travel without restrictions across twenty-seven member countries that also comprises countries like Switzerland and Iceland. 

The online certification will carry the citizen’s personal data and it will be kept highly protected in partnership with World Health Organization (WHO). 

The United Kingdom -UK

The United Kingdom wants to introduce a digital CVP. The new system will be found on the NHS application. The app itself will play a critical role as the vaccine passport. 

Furthermore, an additional characteristic of the passport will be the color labels. For example, green/amber/red colors will be assigned to countries with low risk. But there is no definite list yet. OCR Technology is also used for this purpose.

The United States of America- USA

In the USA, the idea of digital CVP was seen as violating the privacy of the citizen. There was a lot of resistance from both political parties- the conservatives as well as the progressives. 

The rationale behind high resistance was that private medical information can go into the wrong hands which can use the information for their destructive missions. For example, identity theft, health insurance fraud, and theft of property. The perpetrators can also sell the information on illegal platforms which can create a vicious cycle of harm.

How does China look at the situation?

China showed support for the idea by joining the campaign for Vaccine passport verification. The country officials wanted to make travel safe again for the citizens. The inhabitants of the country can use the online health certificate (issued by the government) just like a vaccine pass.

The online version of the vaccine pass in China also known as China’s health pass also functions through the SNS WeChat. The QR code will enable the governmental authorities to monitor the medical history of the citizen. As COVID vaccination is in progress so the vaccine pass is not compulsory for everyone yet. 

How Is Vaccine Passport Verification Beneficial?

The pandemic is on the rise and governments all over the world have implemented COVID test authentications. Businesses that should follow the regulation are travel companies, educational institutes, sports stadiums, entertainment houses, eatery places, and many more areas. 

The digital vaccine passport COVID verification gave twofold advantages. One was that it verified the identity of the citizen and the other was that it authenticated the verified COVID travel certificate test. The AI algorithms and machine learning assist in capturing the relevant information from the government-issued documents. As it is an automatic process, it can uncover any pass.

What Is The Perception of The Travelers?

British authorities said that the travel restrictions will negatively impact business transactions. It is because there are higher chances of data breaches. Eymeric Segard highlighted that the situation can become risky because travelers already hand over their private information through passports and providing COVID test information will increase the access to private data that can be dangerous for the citizen. 

But there is a positive aspect to it that it can reassure the other person regarding the COVID status of a citizen from the other country. 

Final Thoughts

The digital vaccine pass is in accordance witty the regulations of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PCI-DSS (Payment Card- Data Security Standard). Both of these regulations are in place in order to safeguard the client’s data. Consequently, the public concerns regarding the breach of privacy were reduced. 

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