The importance of keeping your playground safe


The most important 안전놀이터tip is to ensure adult supervision. If your children are toddlers, shadow them while they play, and if they are older, watch over them from a safe distance. You’ll know your child’s physical ability and can identify when they’re playing on the equipment, they’re not ready for. You’ll also be able to respond quickly to situations where your child may sustain an injury.

Safety framework

When creating a playground, it is important to implement a safety framework. These guidelines are designed to minimize the risk of playground injuries. One of the most important parts of the framework is supervision. Adults should monitor the activities of children at the playground, and ensure that the equipment is age-appropriate and free from hazards. They should also ensure that playground equipment is regularly maintained and repaired.

The framework was developed based on the NZS 5828 standard. In New Zealand, a study was conducted to determine whether existing playground equipment complied with this standard, and provided recommendations for modifications. The framework also included information on the manufacturers and suppliers of playground equipment. Schools were provided with the report to inform their decisions about purchasing new or replacing equipment.

Surface options

There are several different surface options available for a safe and fun playground. Some of the options include loose-fill surfacing, rubber matting, and turf. Choosing the right surfacing for your playground is important to ensure the safety of your children and to keep the playground looking as good as possible.

The size and type of playground will affect the surfacing material you choose and your budget. A minimum of 75 square feet of play space per child should be provided for the main playground area. Larger playgrounds will require more surfacing. However, smaller playgrounds might have more budget to spend on high-quality materials. If you’re not sure what type of surfacing will be best for your needs, talk to a professional to help you decide.

Adult supervision

To ensure your children’s safety at a playground, you should have an adult supervise them at all times. This way, you can ensure they are using 안전놀이터 equipment safely and administer first aid if necessary. Adult supervision is essential because young children may not have enough experience to gauge distances and foresee danger.

Adult supervision at the playground should be based on a ratio of one supervisor to 32 children. This ratio is based on the National Program for Playground Safety guidelines. The higher the ratio of adults to children, the lower the chance of injuries. In addition, an adult supervisor’s presence causes children to behave differently.

Non-toxic materials

Safe playground materials are those made from non-toxic or low-toxic materials. Some commonly used substances include Creosote, PCP, Arsenic, and related compounds. Children and adults should wash their hands after using wooden equipment. It is important to avoid wood with resins or crystallization. In addition, wood should be pressure-treated or treated with an oil-based stain so it is not slippery.

Rubber mulch is a great, non-toxic playground surface. Made from recycled tires, rubber mulch is a great choice for playgrounds. This product is safe for little ones and is approved by the EPA. It is also non-toxic, steel-free, and latex-free. Premium rubber mulch companies take additional precautions to ensure their safety and environmental sustainability.


If you own a playground, you may want to purchase liability insurance. If your kids suffer an injury while playing, you may be liable for paying for the medical bills. You should also consider purchasing an alternate set of playground equipment to ensure that the equipment is safe. This is an expensive investment, but it can protect your children. To find the right insurance plan for your playground, consult with an insurance agent. Different companies will require different premiums and terms. You also need to follow local laws and regulations to protect children.

The base material of your playground is crucial in preventing injuries. The cost depends on the type of material you choose. Concrete and asphalt are the most affordable playground surfaces, but they also require regular maintenance. The next most affordable option is grass or artificial turf. You can even get a rubber surface if you want to save money on maintenance.


Regular maintenance of a playground can reduce the risk of injury to kids and prevent accidents. The frequency of maintenance will vary depending on the area and the number of users. It may involve cleaning up after bad weather or repairing any damaged equipment. Documentation of any repairs is important to reduce liability and manage risk.

A formal report is produced and pictures are taken to document the condition of a playground. The report will identify any potential hazards. The most serious hazards are listed as Priority 1 hazards, which include potentially life-threatening situations. In addition, playgrounds with rubber surfacing must undergo impact testing every year. This test can cost between $3,000 and $5,000. Approximately 155,000 children are injured each year from playground falls.

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