The exact method of calculating these payback percentages on private Toto Site

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However, the pay tables for the hands you get on the initial deal consider the odds of getting that hand dealt without having to draw. In other words, you won’t have to remove it. The pay tables for the hands you get after the discard phase are identical to those in place for the hands obtained after the discard phase in the original game. As a result, 사설토토사이트those payouts are significantly more generous in proportion.

In fact, it is much easier than you might have 사설토토사이트envisioned it to be. We are conscious that any of these hands could be dealt to us and are prepared to play accordingly. To calculate the expected return of a specific hand, all that is required of you is to multiply the probability of being dealt that hand by the payout that it offers. There is nothing else that needs to be done to accomplish this. To determine the total expected return for the game, you must first add up all possible expected returns. Only then can you calculate the total expected return.

As an example, let’s take a look at the game that is commonly referred to as Double Pay Double Bonus:


In this game, you have about a sixty percent chance of getting a hand that pays nothing; the expected value of that payout is sixty percent multiplied by zero, which of course, equals zero. In this game, you have about a sixty percent chance of getting a hand that pays nothing. When you participate in this game, you have a nearly one in five chance of obtaining a pair of fives or tens. Based on your calculations, the correct answer is twenty percent, which can also be expressed as twenty percent multiplied by itself.

Calculations based on the hands that pay out the most also make for an interesting study for the same reason. If you play your cards right, you have a one-in-one million chance of getting a royal flush. The expected value that is arrived at after multiplying that number by 12,000 is 1.8%. It is estimated that there is a one in one hundred fourteenth a chance of getting a straight flush. When that number is multiplied by 500, the expected value that is produced is close to 0.7% of the total.

Once you have added all of these numbers together, you will be able to calculate the payback percentage for the game.

The following explains how the situation works when playing Double Pay Poker. A game that already exists is changed by adding a new betting option and a new payout, but other than those modifications, there is no difference between the two game versions. On the other hand, you are placing a wager on a hand that was dealt to you right at the start of the game. At this point in the game, you are required to play the hand that has been sold to you, and there is no room for strategy at this point in the game.


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