The Best GoPro Photos In The World, Prepare To Lose Your Breath

The Best GoPro Photos In The World, Prepare To Lose Your Breath

From surfing and skydiving to animal close-ups and stunning scenery, this gallery has some breathtaking images that we only get to see thanks to the GoPro. No longer are rare wildlife photos restricted to pros who spend years awaiting the perfect shot – now thousands of GoPros are scanning the world all at once, constantly. We’re only ever going to get more amazing shots to wow us.

Thanks to the camera, and video stills, the internet is awash with stunning images from GoPros around the world. Finding them all is a bit of a job, so we’ve done it for you.


Formation selfie

This image was snapped by Marcos Trotta who is part of the Brazilian Air Force and no doubt a magnificent pilot. The photo was taken at the end of a loop during a formation exercise and there’s no denying the results are awesome. Not many of us could take such a cool selfie while going about our day job.

A still view of Lake Bled

This incredibly calm view of Lake Bled, Slovenia, shows a 4 am sunrise over a peaceful lake with staggeringly still waters. An amazing image with breathtaking views captured with a GoPro Hero 4 Black.

Nighttime in paradise

This fantastic nighttime shot shows an awesome view of paradise with the use of a GoPro Hero 7 Black. Taken in India, the image shows some awesome streaks of light in the sky created by the stars. GoPro has some hints on how to take awesome nighttime photos like this on its site.

Swimming with the locals

This is what selfie sticks should be used for. This GoPro user has really set a high-bar for underwater photos with the local dolphins. A fantastic view of nature thanks to the compact action camera.

A wintery view

A smashing wintery view of the world captured by Kyle Wicks with a GoPro Hero 7 Black. A colorful sunset scene with an ice-covered view of the landscape and a lone person in the midst of it all.

Something with a little more bite

On the opposite end of the underwater spectrum, this GoPro photo is slightly less chilled out. A massive shark shows off his razor-sharp teeth for all to enjoy – or at least cower in fear from. Hopefully, this GoPro user was safe inside a cage.

Footprints in the sand

Mitchell Pettigrew is an amateur photographer with an eye for landscape photography and an undeniable talent. He’s capable of capturing some nifty views with his GoPro, as this simply awesome shot shows. His Instagram feed is also worth checking out.

Underwater paradise

GoPro cameras certainly allow for an interesting range of underwater photographs. This one shows brilliantly blue waters and a casual swim with the local fishes.

Fun with flippers

Another snap we’re jealous of. These waters look warm, peaceful and welcoming. We wish we were there too!

Man’s best friend

Pooches enjoy a swim too or maybe a quick surf? The versatile action cam isn’t just for underwater shots and high-octane sports but is brilliant at capturing photos of pets in the wild too.

A starry lighthouse

This incredible photo was posted on Instagram along with some expert tips on achieving the same results with a GoPro Hero 7:

“I’ve always wanted to photograph the stars, so I headed to the Fingal Head Lighthouse to try it out. During a #LongExposure, your #GoPro has to be very still, so I mounted it to the Shorty Mount. I set the GoPro to Night Photo Mode and used the following ProTune settings: Shutter Speed 30s, ISO 800, Sharpness Low, Auto WB. #ProTip: Toggle on RAW Format for maximum control over your image while editing.”

A cooling paddle for piggy

This GoPro user had an unexpected visit in the form of a piggy looking for a cooling dip in the water. The crystal clear waters are certainly inviting, so we can’t blame him. The result of the encounter makes for a fairly awesome photo too.

Below the blue

Now you’re just showing off. This chap is up to some underwater shenanigans for sure. We love the submerged view of the clouds though. Another fantastic GoPro photo from inviting waters.

Catching some waves

This photo is certainly more the style we’d expect to see from GoPro users. An action shot from a surfer catching some waves.

A cave with a view

Another surfing shot, but this one is calm and colourful. These sorts of images show just how versatile the GoPro cameras can be. They’re not just great for video, but for landscape and portrait shots too.

Up, up and away

On the wing of a glider or light aircraft, the humble GoPro gives us a brilliant view of the world from high above the earth. This image shows us the beautiful surrounding sights as one GoPro user carries out some incredible aerobatic stunts.

Over the top

Some pretty spectacular views over the mountain tops. More proof that a good camera mount can make for some incredible views captured with your favourite action cam.

A line in the sand

The compact GoPro captures some fairly cool views of the surroundings too. A wide angle lens makes for some interesting views, especially when combined with the unusually shaped landscape.

A rider’s reflection

Here a GoPro user takes a brilliant shot on the road ahead as seen through the reflection in their visor. GoPro cameras are a popular choice of bikers anyway, but we’re particular fans of this snap.

Getting back to nature

The GoPro is an amazing tool for outdoor photos, wherever you might be. This snap from the woods as the sun rises captures the beauty of nature perfectly.

Liquid lines

A perfectly timed photo of a wave breaking with brilliant clarity. This image shows the amazing and surprising photographic powers of the GoPro. It’s not just for video.

Way above the concrete jungle

Another aeroplane wing shot shows a fantastic view above a city. The streets below almost seem quiet and empty.

High-speed colours

There’s nothing quite like a high-speed shot from a sports car. This image shows how GoPro cameras can be put to good use to create some brilliant tricks with the light too. The result is a colourful photo which almost makes it look like the car is travelling at light speed.

A skyline with a view

It’s not just aerial photos that the GoPro makes light work of. These cameras are also strong favourites among parkour enthusiasts. You’ll often see these sorts of vertigo-inducing snaps from high above the rooftops.

Painting with light

Sparklers, fireworks and more can be combined with GoPro’s clever camera settings to create works of art like this where shapes and patterns are created from light. We love the colours of this one too – the glow of the light reflecting brilliantly on the surroundings under the night sky.

Waiting for rescue

We’re hoping these chaps were on some sort of exercise, rather than being stranded at sea while waiting for rescue. It’s certainly interesting to see the variety of situations GoPro cameras have been used in if nothing else.

Hanging out with the birds

Another view you’re not likely to see every day and another interesting use of a selfie stick too. This image shows two airborne fellows finding a new friend high in the sky. We’re not sure the feathered chap is as happy to see them as they are it though.

Balloons for everyone

A magnificent view of the world with balloons of all shapes and sizes being released into the skies. Crowds of onlookers stretching out as far as the eye can see admiring the view.

Avoiding the storms

This GoPro user managed to capture an awesome shot of two helicopters riding above the clouds near Mokra Gora, Serbia. This breathtaking view is just one of many fantastic snaps the photographer has posted on his Instagram account.

A spiky hilltop sight

The world is full of hidden beauty and wonder. Some of the sights are highly unusual. We love these breathtaking views of the world below.

Don’t look down

Another precarious view from the mountaintops. This high-up view of the world shows some spectacular sights of the world below, if with a little dangerous drop over the side. Not for those afraid of heights, but brilliant to observe from afar.

Hello up there

We don’t know what’s going on here. Some impressive aerobatics no doubt. Impressively timed photos are almost certainly the best.

Fishing for rainbows

The ocean often makes for cracking GoPro photos of one kind or another. This image of a rainbow is particularly impressive – it’s not often you get to see both ends of the rainbow at one time. But where’s the pot of gold? Maybe there’s some sunken treasure.

Wrestling with the crowd

One man climbs up for a better view of the crowd, a sea of faces stretching off into the distance. Another example of an unusual photo that shows just how versatile GoPro cameras can be.

A view from turbulent waters

Putting the GoPro’s waterproof housing to maximum use, Marcus Rodrigues captures a magnificent underwater view. The water’s surface appears to be rough and angry but there’s a pleasant calm below which this swimmer is briefly enjoying on the way up to the surface.

The supported ascent

Putting their GoPro to spectacular use, Niqolas Ruud shows us what it’s like to climb a steep mountain face, supporting teammates and fellow climbers along the way. The wonder of our planet stretches out before them as these three lone climbers make their way onwards and upwards. How small and insignificant they appear before the mighty landscape below them.

Palm tree paradise

We look on with envy at this view of paradise snapped by Mark Baechtold. Not the usual action shot we’d expect from a GoPro, but certainly a marvellous view of a beautiful sunset.

A calm view from a mountaintop tent

There’s something thoroughly humbling about this view captured by Marc Ruffini. He sits at the edge of his tent, sipping from a flask and basking in the glory of the magnificent mountains sprawling out before him. We’d imagine there was a fair amount of effort that went into scaling this mountain to get to this viewpoint in the first place, so hopefully, the reward was worth it.

A new underwater friend

Last but not least on our list is a submission from last year by Alex Robert. This fantastic photograph captures the cheerful face of a magnificent marine mammal swimming in the waters of Laguna Beach, California.

Some pretty spectacular images, we’re sure you’ll agree and we’ll expect to see more GoPro photos like this in future.

An eagle-eyed view

At the opposite end of the spectrum comes this snap from the Western plains of Mongolia. Here, GoPro photographer Lauren McGough captures spectacular snow-covered views of the sweeping mountains while out on a hunt with a group of nomadic Kazakhs.

The accompanying golden eagles are tagging along to help out with the hunt, blissfully unaware of the majesty they add to the photograph.

Cliff-hanging for views

Dangling from the mountain tops of Yangshuo, China, Chuang Liu snaps a breath-taking view during a heart-pounding climb. An impressive feat of endurance and masterful photography in a single shot.

What lies beneath

Another snap of a wonderful underwater swimmer captures what looks like someone diving for buried treasure while the captain of the boat keeps watch.

Sliding ride

Action is the name of the game. Merlino Nicolas can be seen here tearing up the dirt roads with a perfectly timed slide.

The door of everything

Sometimes a simple photo can be both beautiful and make us feel insignificant at the same time. This incredible snap shows a brilliant view of the world captured by Nicolas Lavilla Calahorra:

“It is the great door that opens our eyes to the great world that surrounds us. It makes us feel small but we are big in our hearts, and immense in our possibilities”

Skiing in Valmalenco

An amazing image with astounding views of the ski slopes in Valmalenco. This ski-height photo is certainly an interesting perspective and perfect inspiration for other GoPro users.

A tight fit

A view from a kayak shows a narrow passage through the waterway with colourful cliff faces rising on either side. We’d imagine paddling down this tight river was tricky, but it certainly makes for a good photo.

Kicking up some dirt

Fast fun and frolics is the name of the game here as a dirt bike is put to brilliant use in the desert. Kicking up a storm of sand for a brilliant photo.

Up, up and away

A much more peaceful view from above the clouds. We’re not quite sure how this GoPro photo was taken, but there’s no denying it’s awesome. The angry fire of the hot air balloon contrasting wonderfully with the fluffy clouds in the background.

Falling into the fall

GoPro cameras regularly get used for daring feats. Some of them insane, some a little more dangerous. This chap is taking a long tumble into the water below. A raging storm of dust on one side and rushing water on the other make for some interesting colours in the waters below.

A bit snappy

This chap does not appear too happy to be snapped, but there’s no denying this is an incredible underwater nature shot. Human and wildlife swimming together in harmony.

Mountaintop range

Another staggering view from high above the ground below. This user has snapped a breathtaking image from a mountaintop which gives an impressive panorama of the surroundings.

An interesting sky

This photo proves that GoPro cameras are even capable of snapping brilliant skyline images. A variety of colours, a lighting storm and even some calm reflections make for an awe-inspiring view.

A peaceful paddle

As well as images of chaos and high-speed thrills, GoPro cameras can also capture nature at its finest and most peaceful. This amazingly colourful photo shows an astounding view of a crystal clear lake and incredibly still waters too.

An electrifying view

A smashing view that’s turned the sky a brilliant shade of purple. Lightning strikes across the sky almost make it look like it’s shattered and is about to fall down on our heads.

Making a splash

A GoPro user makes a bit of a splash through the waters with a bike ride through the surface. We love the colours of this one and the way the camera positioning makes it look like the rider is surfing across the surface, rather than ploughing through the waters.

An unusual proposal

Why wait for the right moment when you can just get down on one knee at the top of a mountain? This is almost certainly one of those times when a photo is required to show as proof when people don’t believe the story.

Vertical ascent

Jets often make for truly spectacular GoPro photos and videos. This video is undeniably impressive, not just for the surroundings but for the method of photography too. How often do you get to see planes in a vertical ascent like this?

Lines and laps

An underwater shot captured in what appears to be a long and narrow swimming pool creates some interesting visuals as the lines below reflect and refract on the water’s surface above.

A relaxing view

A GoPro doesn’t need to be used to constantly capture endless fun, they’re also great for snapping relaxing views of nature too. What’s more relaxing than taking it easy in a hammock hung between two trees surrounded by lapping waters?

Racing on two wheels

GoPro cameras are great a capturing speed as well as still shots. This photo creates a brilliant view of the world as a cyclist passes down a street surrounded by colourful graffiti.

What lies beneath

Hikers, climbers and parkour enthusiasts often snap some brilliant and breathtaking views of our world from high-up. The GoPro lens is ace at capturing a wide view of the world and is perfect for photos like this one.

A bridge to heaven

This long bridge appears to stretch off into infinity. It leaves us wondering if you could touch the clouds if you walked far enough and just reached up into the skies.

Rafting rapids

We’re not sure we’d want to take this makeshift raft over intense rapids, but it certainly makes for a fantastic view over relatively calm waters.

Reflecting on the world

These images of mirror-like bodies of water appear a solid favourite with kayaking GoPro users. It’s easy to see why too as the peaceful beauty of nature is amazingly appealing.

Man overboard

We’re not sure if this skydiver has just exited the hot air balloon or happened to pass by on his way down to the ground below. Either way, it makes for another cracking GoPro photo that we love.

An upward journey

We’d assume this ride required a lot of energy and a strong disposition. Steep drops and breathtaking view from the mountaintops make for the risk and reward balance.

Rapid fun

We bet this sort of shot requires a strong mount, but GoPro cameras are waterproof and robust – especially when combined with the right housing. This means there are plenty of awesome photos like this – with the action cameras attached to paddles of fun-loving watersports enthusiasts.

Feline frolics

As far as we know, cats aren’t generally fans of water, but this little furball looks fairly chilled out. The view is also spectacular.

Doggy boarding

You’ve seen the dog on the skateboard, but have you ever seen a pooch on a surfboard? We certainly haven’t. If any camera is going to be used for this sort of shot it’s no surprise it’s a GoPro.

Relaxing by the water

Yet another chilled out view of the world that makes us long for a peaceful beach retreat and a tall cocktail.

Swimming with the fishes

We love these sorts of underwater snaps of people swimming with dolphins. A memory of a lifetime captured on the smallest camera you’re likely to own.

A walk in the heavens

Another vertigo-inspiring view from a great height. This GoPro user has managed to capture a fantastic sight above the clouds.

An incredible seaside

As if the view from the town below isn’t good enough – with brilliant clear waters washing into the bay – this GoPro user has given us an even more spectacular sight. Colourful and cleverly posed.

A lovely spot for a dip

There’s nothing better than discovering a peaceful place where you can dive in for a relaxing swim. This jetty leads to the perfect waters and also makes for a brilliant photo too.

A skaters-eye view

Mounting a GoPro on your skateboard, longboard or other low-slung transport device is a brilliant way to get a new perspective on the world. This unusual view not only makes for a cracking video it also makes for fantastic photos too.

Submerged swimming

As long as you don’t let the waves wash your GoPro away, these cameras are fantastic for taking underwater and half-submerged photos. This image is one of many on our list and a small sample of the thousands out there.

Emerald oceans

Since they’re robust and waterproof, these cameras make for brilliant tools for taking snaps of the ocean and the power of nature. At this level, they’re also perfect for capturing beautiful wave breaks.

A shower of light

Another photo captured with a GoPro that shows painting with light. These sorts of photos look fantastic and give the appearance of fire raining down from above.

A sea wall with a view

Much more than just a way to protect the bay from the waves, this seawall also makes for a brilliant photography spot. All it took was an eye for detail and perfect timing to capture a calm ocean and a brilliant backdrop.

Watch your step

Sometimes it’s better not to look down. This precarious looking bridge across rough waters doesn’t look terribly inviting but it does offer a pretty awesome view of the world below.

Nature in the garden

Sometimes you don’t even need to venture away from home to get some incredible photos. This visitor to the birdbath was captured on a GoPro, the owner was just lucky it wasn’t a magpie.

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Another selfie stick and skateboard combination makes for a fast-paced GoPro photo with super results. We really enjoy how fluid these sorts of photos are too.

Swimmers and surfers

A brilliant view from both above and below the water. Several photographers appear to be trying to capture different images of the surfer as he passes by. We’d love to see the rest of the results too.

One man and his pooch

A simple selfie of one man and his furry friend taking a ride. We’re not sure this is particularly safe, but there’s no denying it’s awesome.

A close encounter

Another cracking photo of an underwater encounter with local wildlife. We love these animal close-ups and seeing creatures captured in their natural environment.

One-handed fun

Another GoPro combined with watersports fun. This image is brilliantly framed to show the awesome reflection in the waters below.

Catching some waves

A surfer clings to their GoPro as they head off into the waves and the results are awesome. Simple photos like this are what GoPro cameras are built for. Just be sure not to drop them!

Top of the world

There’s certainly got to be some freedom at the top of these mountains. The views are staggering and make a wonderful end to what was no doubt a tough upward trek to the peak.

The downward tumble

Another favourite use for GoPro cameras is capturing the view on the way down when parachuting from a plane. With a simple head mount, some fairly fantastic views can be captured for all to see.

A close-up with nature

This sort of snaps shows how versatile GoPro cameras can be. It’s just as possible to capture an amazing animal portrait as it is a bonkers surfing selfie. The results are amazing too.

Wing rider

Gliders, sun shots and even a helicopter, this GoPro photo has it all. Aerial aerobatic fun captured for us all to enjoy.

A topsy-turvy view of the world

A group of parachutists take a fall to earth while holding hands. Makes for a cracking photo and if you look closely you’ll see a multitude of GoPro cameras strapped to helmets too.

Still waters and sunshine

Calm waters, check, sun on the horizon, check, another fantastic GoPro photo, check. You can’t go wrong with a still water shot, a solid GoPro photography favourite.

Horseback adventures

No, this is not a screenshot from Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s a real-life snap from the wild. Fantastic landscape and running waters make for thoroughly peaceful surroundings.

Parachuting in style

This guy is clearly a thrill seeker. As if parachuting isn’t fun enough, he’s also doing it backwards and wearing just a pair of shorts too. Why not.

Winter wonderland

Isn’t winter wonderful. This dog is clearly a big fan of fun in the snow. A brilliantly timed GoPro photo captures all the joy of jumping over logs and bounding about in the snow.

Surfing hound

Another calm and serene view with a lady and her dog enjoying the waters. Nothing quite like a nice relaxing paddle and a perfectly posed photo.

Buried in the snow

These sorts of photos show just how versatile a GoPro can be. They work well outdoors, but are also highly capable in bright snowy conditions. The view is fantastic too. Snow covered trees stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Fun with the little one

With the right mount, you can make a GoPro hands free. Chest mounts, helmet mounts and more make it possible to capture all sorts of shots including fantastic family snaps to treasure for years.

Tearing up the slopes

A simple image of one man and his quest to tear up the ski slopes and have a great time in the snow.


A colourful and action-packed photo of a lone surfer catching some air over the top of a large crashing wave. Perfectly timed and brilliantly entertaining too.

Beauty in the beast

We love this simply framed photo. The large incoming wave looks almost tsunami-like in size thanks to the height of the camera. Yet the tranquil view speaks of peace and calm.


People love a good selfie and they don’t get much cooler than this. Wearing a t-shirt while hanging from an icy cliff – chilling!

A surfers view

There’s no denying that surfers get to see some pretty awesome views. Brilliant timing and an eye for the perfect waves results in some pretty special moments like this. An amazing view as a surfer passes underneath a large wave just as it breaks.

A rainbow painting

We’re not entirely sure how this photo was composed but it’s brilliant. An amazing rainbow painted between the trees and across the night’s sky.

A tight fit

Take a moment to admire this view, then look closely and you’ll see the climber stuck between the rocks. Looks like a narrow and difficult climb, but certainly makes for an amazing photo.

An icy climb

There’s no denying that GoPro cameras are regularly put to awesome use capturing some fairly extreme sports, snapping awesome views or highlighting adventures in numerous landscapes.

This ace shot by Giorgio Ghezzi certainly shows a flair for fun-packed, death-defying adventure with a climb up a steep icy cliff.

Birthday celebrations in style

Why be content with just a cake when you could take to the skies instead. This GoPro user managed a brilliant birthday celebration with an incredible skydiving experience and the photo to prove it.

Making a splash

One of the bonuses of a GoPro’s underwater capabilities is being able to see how the water reacts to human interaction. We love seeing high-impact actions captured in a single frame.

Gliding to glory

Aerial photos keep coming as more and more GoPro users take to the sky. These robust cameras are perfect for flight as much as they are any other use. This photo shows a brilliantly green mountain range and even a small urban centre sprawling out below.

A colourful light show

GoPro cameras are available to purchase pretty much all over the world. Which means we get to see incredible photos like this – with light shows painted in the sky. From lightning storms to the northern lights, GoPro cameras can capture them all.

A waterslide that goes on and on

Now, this looks like a lot of fun. This photographer put their GoPro to good use by capturing a great image of them sliding down an enormous waterfall.

The freedom eagle

It’s surprising how popular wildlife photography is among GoPro enthusiasts. The results are often impressive too – almost as much as the subject themselves.

Killer photos

Another wildlife photo captures a pod of killer whales swimming together. Magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

A wild ride

From the calmness of the sea, to the mean streets with some motorbiking fun. The humble GoPro is full of endless versatility.

Rollercoaster thrill ride

Why pay for hilarious rollercoaster photographs when you can take your own with a camera you can fit in your pocket? These sort of brilliant photos are so easy to snap yourself.

Rings and wings

More aerial acrobatics captured with the help of a GoPro. This photo not only includes multiple planes and a magnificent view, but smoke trails too.

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here, just some bananas catching some waves. All perfectly normal.

A seat in the sky

We love this image. Another brilliant view of the landscape captured with the help of a parachute and a little patience.

A toothy view

This image almost looks like it’s been Photoshopped. A terrifying close-up view of a shark seeking out a quick snack. Not something you’d ever want to see outside of the cage.

Shark bait

Yet another impressive underwater shot captured with a GoPro. This image shows a mass of swimmers no doubt competing in some sort of race. An impressive, if turbulent view of the water.

Just hanging out

Because skydiving photographs aren’t interesting enough, this photographer has managed to capture a casual pose hanging from the wing of a plane.

A road with a view

A motorcyclist’s joy captured in a simple photo – a winding empty road, pleasant weather and the freedom to open up the throttle.

A horse with a view

Another Wild West adventure on horseback captured with the help of GoPro. This staggering hillside view of the world is certainly breathtaking. We wonder if the horse appreciates it as much as we do.

A death-defying view

We’re starting to think we should have included a warning at the start of this article for people who are scared of heights. This view is likely to make anybody’s heart skip a couple of beats, even with the safety rope tightly strapped on.

High-speed sledding

The standard use for GoPro cameras in most cases is capturing awesome high-speed photos and videos of reckless pursuits. This sort of sledding is perfect for such things. Looks like fantastically fast fun too.

Off among the clouds

Another hot air balloon ride with a brilliant view. We love how high above the clouds this shot is. If you look closely you’ll also spot another balloon emerging from the clouds below.

Climbing for a selfie

There’s something about climbing mountainsides and snapping selfies. These downward facing selfies are no doubt a lot easier to capture with a small GoPro.

Wave free shipping

We’re impressed with how still the water is here. Even the large ship isn’t making waves through these still waters and spoiling the view.

Making a splash

Another angle of surfing fun. Sticking a GoPro to a surfboard nearly always results in some pretty special shots. This angle gives a view you’re not likely to see unless you’re bodyboarding instead.

Wildlife photography made easy

Capturing animal portraits is easy when they’re curious. This little feathered guy has taken a particular interest in the GoPro and has sidled up for a closer look.

Tricks and timing

Capturing great action photos isn’t all about the trick, it’s also about timing. Catching some air while also snapping isn’t easy, but when it comes off, the results are fantastic.

Ruff rider

This pooch might be enjoying some board time, but something else in the distance has got his attention. Makes for another brilliant photo though.

A killer photo

Just when you thought a landscape like this couldn’t get any better looking, along comes a whale to improve the scene. A quick snap and the view is captured forever.

A wild ride

A high up view of a snowboarder’s paradise. This incredible view must be enticing, if not fraught with danger and icy chills.

A peaceful horizon

There’s no denying this is a brilliant view of the landscape nicely coloured by the setting sun.

It’s peddle time

We’d imagine cycling underwater would be pretty tricky. It does, however, make for an awesome photo. Daft, but awesome.

White on white

A quick glimpse of this photo and you might miss the glider that’s almost camouflaged by the equally white snow on the floor below.

Parachuting shenanigans

We love the idea of parachuting with a giant inflatable. They probably aren’t much use for slowing you down, but the photographic results are pretty unique. Plus, if you can land in a swimming pool or at the beach, you can get right into some water-based fun too.

Northern lights

Another GoPro snap showing the wonderful colours of the Northern lights illuminating the night’s sky.

A monkey call

This photo is great, it looks like this little guy is calling out to his friends about his new discovery. “Look what I’ve found guys, some human has left us a camera!”

Dolphin diving

Dolphins are known for being playful. We’re surprised he’s not bothered by the large ship making waves behind him. Makes for an awesome snap though.

Ready for lift-off

A colourful waterborne shot from the tropical paradise of Fiji. This view shows a seaplane readying for take-off from the crystal clear waters.

Rest in the middle of the lake

A brilliantly beautiful view of a manmade bridge stretching across a peaceful lakeside. Alba Lleshi snapped this image while walking around the lake and stopping for a rest.

Piggy piggy

It turns out that pigs don’t just like rolling in mud, they also like a nice dip in the sea too. This photo shows a cute pig taking a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas.

Dolphins in Hawaii

A smashing view captured while swimming with the dolphins off the coast of Hawaii. This underwater photo by Connor Trimble shows what an amazing world we live in.

Wild Christmas

Not your usual Christmas view – this photo was taken on Christmas Eve on the volcanic island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Peaceful roads for a man to enjoy with just his motorbike and the cool winter winds to keep him company.

Dog in the hole

“When your dog starts to make a hole in the sand of the beach and you end up burying it in it”

Miriam Borrego Ruiz was clearly having some daft fun at the beach and that’s certainly one cooperative pooch!

Fall time

A serene view of a perfectly still lake in Northern Italy. Alberto Rossetto snapped this image while on an adventurous bike ride. The brilliant colours of the Autumnal trees contrasting wonderfully with the cool waters of the lake.

What a night

This image is actually the combination of 400 photos into a single one. The result is what looks like a thousand shooting stars in the sky. Pretty spectacular, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Freediving in sea caves

Victor De Valles shows us just how versatile GoPro cameras can be with a brilliant underwater snap captured as he freedives with the fishes. We love how the light breaks through the water in this image. A simple, yet wonderful view of nature.

Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu is an Incan citadel nestled in the Andes Mountains high above Peru. It’s a popular tourist destination for the region and with this sort of breath-taking view, it’s easy to see why.

Wingsuit flying with clouds and friends

Another astounding Overcapture view above the clouds, proving again why GoPro cameras are such a strong favourite with skydivers.

Sunrise skateboarding

A lone skateboarder makes the most of a winding and empty road on an early morning. The sun slowly creeps over the mountaintop as a new day begins. Another brilliantly simple shot chosen as photo of the day.

Powder lines with a view

A solitary snowboarder appears at the edge of this snap, barely visible in the jaw-dropping view of the snow-covered expanse that lays before them. Marvellous, untouched white powder stretches out as far as the eye can see. A snowboarder’s paradise indeed.

Atop the emerald ocean

Forward-facing shots from the bow of a boat seem to be a firm favourite amongst GoPro users. This one is pretty special too. The sparkling emerald waters glisten below the green-topped hillsides. Relaxing, calm and tranquil, this photo certainly inspires a warm happy feeling at how serene nature can be.

Whitewater wonder

Sun breaking through the tree line, whitewater rapids beckoning in the distance, a GoPro strapped to a helmet. We have no doubt there were quite a few awesome photos taken on this kayaking ride, but this one is something special. The quiet before the storm? Or simply a fantastic view of nature at its best.

Communing with nature

GoPro photographer Mike Maholias warms his hands by an open fire as he communes with nature and relaxes by the peaceful waters of this still lake. This photo certainly makes us marvel at how many wonderful elements of nature can be squeezed into a single snap.

Swimming with the fishes

GoPro cameras are special because of how flexible they are. The underwater housing once again works its magic as Jeb Corliss captures a shoal of fish passing by with a few sharks thrown in for good measure. A range of creatures caught on camera peacefully and harmoniously floating around in the warm waters.  What could be a better fit for a competition about the environment we live in than this?

Don’t look down

With a slightly less relaxing mountainous view, Victoria Nader shows us what a rather steep descent might look like. We’re pleased to be viewing this one from a safe distance but have to admire the courage of the photographer and the wonder of the view.

A peaceful paddle

This GoPro enthusiast took man’s best friend along for the ride on these calm lake waters. A beautiful scene lays before them and pooch seems to be contemplating the wonders of his life as he stares off into the distance.

Seeing double

This image by Cesar Palacios shows a brilliant view from Mexico with a crystal clear reflection of the skies above snapped during a brilliant cityscape.

Sky diving fun

The awesome GoPro is obviously an incredibly versatile camera and perfect for extreme sports, like diving out of perfectly good aeroplanes.

Ocean Sunfish

At first glance, you might think this was a man swimming with a shark or a wale but it’s actually an Ocean Sunfish. Apparently one of the heaviest bony fish in the world and also one of the most fertile. The female of species produces up to 300,000,000 eggs at a time.


Source / Pocket-lint

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