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In May 2013, Makar distributed an audiotape토토사이트 that lasted over three hours. A conversation in 2008 between Russ Hamilton, Greg Pierson, and two of UltimateBet’s attorneys, Daniel Friedburg and Sanford Miller, was captured on a recording by him. Because Travis Makar, his wife, and his mother were all related to some of the accounts Russ Hamilton used for adultery, so he was anxious about being connected to the scandal. Some accounts that Russ Hamilton used for cheating were associated with Travis Makar. The tapes provide evidence that Hamilton instructed Makar to set up the accounts; however, the evidence suggests that Makar and his accomplices did not use the accounts.


Instead of making things right, he discussed with the토토사이트 attorneys how the corporation could cover up the scope of the cheating and get out of paying back the full amount of money that was owed. Even though Russ Hamilton made clear confessions, he was never prosecuted for any crimes he admitted to committing. He did not return even a single cent of his stolen money. Any money that was refunded to players came directly from the corporation.

Aside from losing

Aside from losing his interest in the company, Hamilton did not face any consequences for his cheating. It is a minor penalty to pay, considering the amount of money and time gained through cheating (four years and millions of dollars). It is also essential to point out that these tapes demonstrate that Greg Pierson was aware of the God Mode program and its use.


When the tapes were made public, his company, Iovation Software, had just been awarded a contract to supply anti-fraud software to state-regulated poker sites due to launch in Nevada.

Members of the poker community regarding the use of Iovation anti-fraud software by the Nevada-based website Ultimate Poker raised concerns. Ultimate Poker ended its relationship with Iovation Program when the tapes provided evidence that Peirson was aware of the God Mode software.

A few of the other poker players were curious whether Russ Hamilton had been operating alone. They were particularly interested in determining whether or not Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke were engaged in the incident.

As a result of these incidents, several players developed a fear of playing poker online, so they decided to cease participating in online poker. However, some participants understood that the problem might be solved by establishing a regulated industry with clear licensing requirements.

The poker community is saddened for the players who lost money due to unethical business practices. On the other hand, the bright side of the issue is that authorities have learned what red flags to look out for to combat future cheating due to recent incidents.

Absolute Poker and UltimateBet were less secure than the online poker sites available today, particularly if a respectable licensing company licensed them. By researching a poker site’s licensing information, you can avoid becoming the target of a similar scandal and secure your personal information.

Alternatively, make sure that you stick to the gambling websites for real money recommended on this page of our website. They have all been put through a rigorous screening process to ensure they are reliable destinations for placing bets and playing games of chance.

If you have more recent experience in online gambling, you probably think of PokerStars as the dominant power in the space. This is because PokerStars was the first major online poker site.


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