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HPC systems

The Supermicro  company is a tech company that offers various services. These include 5G, cloud, enterprise, and AI-based tech solutions. Supermicro  also focuses on using a sustainable approach to providing services. A good example involves providing solutions that are environmentally savvy and energy friendly.

 Solutions Offered by SuperMacro

HPC is an acronym that refers to High-Performance Computing systems. It involves the aggregation of computing resources to provide improved efficiency and effectiveness. While HPC systems offered by Supermicro are like everyday computing systems, they are much more powerful.

The systems Supermicro develops run based on a References Architecture. It aims to fulfill the specific needs of different users, including businesses or individuals. The systems provide various benefits, including fully integrated racks, liquid cooling systems, and easy-to-configure resources.

The HPC system Supermicro offers on the individual needs of each customer. While each client has different user needs, HPC has a team ready to create customized solutions for clients. The firm operates based on a few important standards for tech organizations. These include the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards. Each solution the firm provides is easy to use and suitable for modern applications. They also have a rack integrations team that is important in the usability and quality of these systems. Each member of this team is a highly professional individual with extensive experience in the modern technology field.

Types of HPC Systems Offered

There are three key HPC system categories that Supermicro  provides:

Enteprise HPC refrence design. These are general-purpose systems that can handle large workloads amounts. They are ideal for business HPC applications, including medical research and oil exploration.

AI deep learning design. These refer to systems that leverage AI and machine learning to provide real-time solutions for their users. It also leverages a scalable AI HPC plug-and-play design that aims at user convenience.

Scientific research supercomputer reference design. These are evidence-based supercomputers that apply to various functions. These can include space exploration or nuclear physics research.

 Successful Use Cases

Below are two specific use cases that show the benefits of using Supermicro  Systems.

“The Squid” was Launched at Osaka University. It’s a GPU-powered system that leverages Supermicro HPC systems to provide supercomputing functions. The system has been successful so far, thanks to the efforts of the Rak Integration Team.

IMS, “The Molecular Simulator.” It refers to a Supermicro system that runs on two HPC clusters. These systems also leverage the power of an Intel System called Omni Path Architecture. The system can handle quantum chemistry equations and large quantum computations.

Benefits of Using HPC Systems

There are various benefits of using HPC systems for organizations, including:


The company leverages modern technological resources and an evidence-based approach to offering tech solutions. Supermicro also leverages its relationship with various other tech companies like Intel. Such partnerships aim to improve the access consumers have to cutting-edge computing solutions.

Flexible Solutions

HPC provides various applicable optimized-based server solutions. These solutions apply to different fields, including business and physics. Aside from HPC, Supermicro also provides IoT, AI, and 5G solutions.

 Sustainable Manufacturing

While Supermicro is a business, they are savvy because they realize the role involved in creating sustainable solutions. The technologies offered by the firm focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly. One example of an initiative the firm uses for this purpose is Resource Saving Architecture.

The Supermicro  brand is a promising service provider for providing scalable solutions. The tech firm has an integration team that helps with deploying and testing these systems. They also operate based on national ISO standards for the best quality results.

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