Sometimes Texting Your ‘Number Neighbor’ Goes Horribly Wrong

Sometimes Texting Your ‘Number Neighbor’ Goes Horribly Wrong

Inspired by a Twitter trend, everyone’s texting their number neighbor. Unfortunately, not everyone’s number neighbor wants to be contacted.

“Number neighbor” is also known as text door neighbor, a term coined in 2008. In 2016, people began texting the phone number below theirs in an effort to strike up a conversation. Twitter user and Richy Mitch and the Coal Miners drummer Ryan Lavallee brought the trend back on Tuesday when screenshots of his number neighbor conversation went viral on Twitter.

It did not go well.

one time i tried texting my phone number neighbor and he sucked so much

— ryan (very cute and funny) (@ryanlavalleee) July 30, 2019 Read more…

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