Seetroen Anti-Travel Sickness Glasses Mean You Never Have To Disconnect On The Road

Seetroen Anti-Travel Sickness Glasses Mean You Never Have To Disconnect On The Road

Travel sickness is a huge problem for many, preventing reading, using phones, tablets or laptops when riding in a car or other vehicle.

It’s well known that most travel sickness comes from the confusion of looking at one fixed point while your body knows it’s moving around. You lose track of the horizon and your inner ear balance centres get all confused.

Tablets, bands and a whole range of other techniques have been deployed to deal with the effects of motion sickness, but Citroën’s cutely-named Seetroën glasses are a pretty novel approach.

Working with start-up Boarding Ring, these glasses sold out in 3 days, with 15,000 pairs getting sold when they first appeared in 2018. To celebrate the centenary of Citroën in 2019, there’s a special edition pair of the Seetroën glasses back on sale, just in time to solve those holiday travel woes – and 95 per cent of users reported them to be effective in dealing with symptoms.

The simple design has blue liquid in the frame, meaning that you can see a horizon line in your peripheral vision. It’s not just to the front, it’s to the side too, meaning that your eyes can tell your brain how you’re moving – and your inner-ear can gently nod in agreement and spare you the nausea.

You don’t have to keep wearing them all the time – once your body is synchronised, you can take them off when the feeling of sickness subsides.

Yes, they look a little whacky, but if it means you can sit in a coach playing PUBG Mobile for a couple of hours while transferring to your holiday resort, then we’re all for it.

The Seetroën glasses cost €99 from Citroën’s website.




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