Remote working is an inherently modern business practice, as it requires the integration of modern business solutions – such as cloud services, productivity software, communication solutions, and cybersecurity.

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift towards alternative modes of working has been undeniable. It cemented what was already a significant trend – the principle of business modernization through information technology.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace is has helped many businesses modernize over the last few years. One company we spoke with – a provider of business IT support London companies use, known as TechQuarters – that has relied on the Microsoft ecosystem since 2010, and helped many clients adopt it. In their opinion, the Microsoft Modern Workplace is one of the best solutions out there for remote working.

What is the ‘Modern Workplace’?

Microsoft have been developing solutions for businesses for many decades. The original Microsoft Office suite was ground-breaking, and quickly became a standard in business. From 2010, they began leveraging the cloud to offer a new iteration – Office 365. This eventually gave way to Microsoft 365; and now, the Microsoft Modern Workplace is the term used to describe a fully optimised Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace encompasses all of the productivity functions that are part of Microsoft 365, in addition to offerings that come with the higher-end plans. It is designed to equip organisations with all the tools and capabilities they need in order to operate with agility, maintain high security, and drive innovation. The key products in the MMW include:

  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Exchangeform the backbone of M365 workflows.
  • Microsoft Teamschampions efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security(EMS) provides the security needed to run a functional remote workplace.
  • Microsoft SharePointis a granular cloud platform used for internal communication, collaboration, and storage.

The modern workplace empowers businesses to work more flexibly, without having to compromise on security. In providing IT support services London companies relied on during the COVID-19 pandemic, TechQuarters experienced many companies look to change the way they did things so as to make remote working more efficient – invariably, the Microsoft Modern Workplace was the answer.

Modern Workplace Functions for Remote Work 

There are looks of ways that the MMW is perfectly suited for remote working – this comes down to the essential requirements for secure remote work, and the functions Microsoft 365 has to satisfy them.

1.Software as a Service

All of the apps and services in the Microsoft Modern Workplace are software as a service. This means that they are built and hosted in the cloud, making them available from all platforms, anywhere in the world with internet connectivity. This is a foundational requirement for remote work.

2.Unified Endpoint Management

Enterprise Mobility + Security brings unified endpoint management to Microsoft 365. This is an important solution, as it ensures that all devices that are accessing company resources through M365 are properly protected.


Security is essential for remote work. Having provided IT support for financial services, and several other industries with high-level security needs, TechQuarters confirmed that the modern workplace offers good quality protection. With elements of Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Defender for Microsoft 365, the Microsoft Modern Workplace offers a high quality security package that helps keep remote users protected, and helps keep the company protected.


It goes without saying that communication is foremost when it comes to remote working. The Microsoft Modern Workplace offers an excellent packaging communication channels – collected into three products. The first is Microsoft Outlook, for email, which is supported by Microsoft Exchange Server; and Microsoft Teams combines chat, video calling, and internet calling.

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