Methods to Keep Your Class Interesting

Class Interesting

Teaching is such a profession which never rests and keeps on researching for those contents and information which can facilitate the students in their academic need. School LMS which is also known as school learning management system, these days also supports the students in their quest for knowledge and information with the help of new tools they incorporate to teach students. School LMS also tends to keep such tutors who can incorporate such things in the classes which can make classes interesting for the students. School learning management system does so because students are losing their interest in studying or learning due to hectic curriculum and burdening syllabus. In most of the classes this happens that teacher is teaching with all his dedication and he/she notices that students are either busy in talking with each other or peeking out of the window or some are lost in their own wonderland and all this happens due to lack of interest in students regarding studying or a particular subject. This is very hurtful to the teacher because he/she prepares the lessons very dedicatedly and hopes that students will also pay attention to the lessons and lecture but nothing happens so far and it breaks the morale of the teacher. Teachers have been trying for decades with many new techniques and strategies to engage the students in the class interestingly. But some get success and some do not, so let’s talk about those strategies which can bring joy of interest to the students in the class. 

Kids are always enthusiastic and when they already know what they are going to be taught then it already becomes a little boring for them. So, tutors need to use their wisdom here and create some suspense. When there will be some sense of mystery in lessons then students will be anxious to know what is going to be the next details in the chapter or they will be curious about the next lesson which will bring some interest in the students. When the teacher is about to teach a new lesson then he or she should give some clues to the students and let them guess the lesson. This will bring some interest in the students. To make students revise the lessons is something very good but reteaching a full lesson again and again is something which can bore any student in the class. In fact, students can review the lessons by playing a review game by dividing the students into two teams. Now this has become something interesting for students. Everyone knows that students like games then why not incorporate learning into games. For example, if students are getting of learning English subject again and again then tutors can make them play game word meaning where they have to guess the meaning of the words taken from their lessons or dialogues of their English prose book is given and then have to recognize the name of the story they are taken of.

One thing which always bothers students is that they are never in charge of their learning. So why not give charge to the students once? Teachers should follow the strategy to give chances to the students to make their own choices. If this chance is given to the students, then they will happily participate in the classes. So, tutors should put the choices on white/black board for the students whenever the next time any activity is planned so that students can enjoy the activity of their choice. This process will boost the interest level of the students to the sky. Today nothing is far away from technology then why should the education sector lag behind? So these days the whole education system is running on online learning and tools having technical support so teachers should leave traditional methods and incorporate smartboard to teach which makes students enjoy because on it the teacher can give his slide show presentations also with animation which brings interest of the students in the learning. It is not necessary to teach in the classes in such a grave manner like someone has died. Students always look up to the teacher to learn even about body language so tutors need to be jolly and bring fun in class so that students wait for his/her class to start secondly teaching in this way makes students remember the lessons too.

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