How To Get Free AirPods When You Buy A New MacBook Or IPad

How To Get Free AirPods When You Buy A New MacBook Or IPad

Apple is offering a fantastic deal for college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels. Essentially, through the Apple Education store, you can get a free set of second-generation AirPods when purchasing a new Macbook or iPad.

You don’t need to provide any ID or certificates upfront if you’re a US student, either. Here’s everything you need to know.

How does Apple’s free AirPods deal work?

Step One

Go to the Apple Education store, and then scroll down until you see Apple’s new promos:

Buy a Mac. Get AirPods. Save up to $200 on a Mac and get AirPods on us, 20 per cent off AppleCare+, and more.

Buy an iPad. Get AirPods. Save up to $100 on an iPad and get discounts on iPad accessories and 20 perc ent off AppleCare+.

Step Two

Select one of the eligible devices. It’s just like buying anything else on Apple’s website, only cheaper.

You don’t need to provide any ID or certificates upfront, if you’re a US student. If Apple isn’t certain you’re eligible, it might email you for verification. Apple also has a limit on how much students and educators can buy in a year.

You will have the option to customise your device, by colour, size, and so on. Do that and then hit continue.

Step Three

Once you’ve hit continue, Apple should surface the AirPods deal. It’ll say, “We’re throwing in AirPods with your new iPad,” and then you can add the item to your bag. Apple is also giving you the option to upgrade to the AirPods with the wireless charging case for an extra $40, or the AirPods Pro for $90 out of pocket. Only the second-generation standard AirPods are free with your purchase.

Step Four

Once you’ve added the AirPods to your bag, you can review your bag and check out. You will see the option to add accessories at a discount and get an additional 20 perc ent off AppleCare+ before you check out. These specials are part of Apple’s promotion.

Which Apple devices are eligible?

Here are the MacBooks and iPad models you can buy to get a free pair of AirPods:

Anything else you should know?

Apple said quantity limits apply. See its Sales and Refund policy for full terms and conditions.

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