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You can tell an unproductive expo by the boring booth backdrops and boring table throws, both of which you should do everything you can to avoid.

Also, you need to make sure that your trade show booth is ready and set up before the doors to the expo hall open. If not, your marketing effort could fail before it even starts.

Good news: you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to learn how to do a booth set up at a trade show. Even if you have never done this before, you can impress your guests if you are willing to let your imagination run wild, have some time, and a reasonable budget.

There is something that needs to be talked about right away. Even if you choose the booth with the lowest price, you won’t be able to save money on the trade show. In some cases, it could end up costing you many times as much as a more reasonable choice.

Instead of trying to get the trade show booth for the least amount of money, you should try to get one that is both high quality and affordable.

This article will talk about the most important things to do and strategies to use when setting up an exhibition booth that will keep people’s attention in the first few seconds they see it.

Tips and Trick how to make an event booth setup

Invest in Portable Displays

If you want to save money on setting up and taking down your exhibit, you might want to use portable displays that are already made.

Most of these models can be put together with little effort and taken apart just as easily when the event is over.

Also, setting them up doesn’t take a lot of time, and some of the available solutions don’t require any special tools or other devices for installation.

Don’t forget that you may still need to hire skilled workers if your booth needs electrical wiring or any other kind of work that can only be done by union members.

See the Booth Location

This is the most important thing you should remember about how to set up a booth at a trade show. Before you go to a show, you should always find out how the exhibit area is set up.

If you ask the person in charge of the event, they should be able to tell you where each performer will be. 

With this information, you can choose a spot for your booth that is not close to a competitor’s booth.

By figuring out the main traffic routes, you can also figure out which sites have the most potential to help you.

For example, if you choose a spot on the way to a seminar, more people are likely to stop by your booth.

Also, if your booth is designed to catch people’s attention quickly (see tip number 6), people who are in a hurry will probably make a mental note to come back later and see what you have to offer.

Obviously, if you want to get the best spots for your trade show booth setup, you will need to find out this information (the layout of the exhibition area) a long time before the show.

Get to the Venue Early

Before the trade show even starts, you should get there early and set up your booth. Even if you are using a portable display that is easy to set up and doesn’t take long to do so, you need to be ready well before people start coming to the show.

You don’t want people to walk by your booth while you are still trying to figure out which wire or connection goes to which part.

If your space needs them, make sure the internet cables, electrical cables, and outlets in your display area are all in good shape before the show starts.

Make Your Booth Stand Out

At a trade show, the best way to get people’s attention is to have a booth design that is different in some way. This is true whether you use a ready-made model or one that you make yourself.

You could replace the boring screens with a video wall or set up a place where people can charge their phones.

You could also give interested participants the chance to try virtual reality, or you could host a game show where the winners would get gifts they would like (it is great if the prize connects to your business).

Spend some time as a group coming up with ideas that will set you apart from the rest of the competition and get people talking about what you have to offer.

You should also think about buying some products for the trade show to give your event booth setup a unique look and feel.

Bring Your Computer If Required

If you needed to use computers for your display, there is one thing you should never do: rent a computer. It’s not even close to being worth the trouble. Remember to bring yours to the concert every time.

It’s possible for a rented computer to start behaving strangely at the worst possible time, like in the middle of a presentation.

It’s possible that the computer has a virus, that the hardware driver is missing, or that some programs don’t have the necessary extension files.

If you bring a computer that isn’t your own, you could waste a lot of money and still not be able to show how your product works.

If you’re lucky, everything might work out perfectly. But if you’re going to have to rely on luck in the end, what’s the point of learning how to set up a trade show booth and spending money on an exhibition in the first place?

Dismantling Your Trade Show Booth

After the trade show is over, your booth needs to be taken apart as quickly and efficiently as possible so that it can be stored safely.

If the team decides to set up a special booth, they should think about how to set it up and take it down at the same time. If you do it this way, you will be less likely to forget how to take something apart.

Make sure to double-check the date and time of the demolition with your I&D partner so that you don’t get charged overtime rates or fines if the team misses the deadline for taking down the exhibit.

On the other hand, taking apart a portable display is much easier and may not even need the help of a professional. If you do have trouble, you should keep the instructions for taking the item close by.

Get Vital Trade Show Information

Before you spend money on a pre-built or custom booth for your next trade show, you should find out what will be allowed.

Ask the people in charge of the show if vendors are allowed to sell their goods from anywhere on the exhibit floor.

You need to know this because it could be bad for your investment if anyone on the show floor could hand out pamphlets or handouts about their company, both from their booth and from anywhere else on the floor.

It’s possible that your competitors will take advantage of this by hanging out near your booth when it’s busy and passing out information.

Another way to take part in the trade show is to buy a very cheap booth. When the doors open to the public, they will be able to hand out their pamphlets to people walking around the more expensive booths.

To put it another way, you spent time and money learning how to set up a trade show booth, paid more for a more expensive booth, and invested in a better spot on the floor, only for someone from a different company to ride on the momentum you’ve built.

This is not at all fair, and you should try to stay away from shows like this. Before you go to the expo, make sure that the contract for the expo specifically says that you can’t do these things.

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