EZVIZ Has A Great Range Of Smart Home Cameras – A Perfect Gift For Christmas

EZVIZ Has A Great Range Of Smart Home Cameras – A Perfect Gift For Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to snuggle up at home and enjoy long evenings whiling away the time together. Whether you’re able to visit family, leaving your home empty, or just want to be able to check up on parts of your home when you’re in another bit, though, there’s a lot to be said for smart home cameras.

They’re a really useful way to get a quick look at what’s going on outside or inside, depending on which you opt for, and are being used by more and more people around the world.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, EZVIZ has a great range of cameras that make for perfect gifts this Christmas, and we’ve gathered three front-runners for you to check out and compare, right here.

EZVIZ TY1 Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera – £39.99

If you think you know someone who could use an indoor camera, this could be the perfect option – it has the killer feature of being able to both tilt and pan its own viewfinder to see different parts of a room. That means that unlike many competitors you can actually see the whole room with one camera, instead of needing multiple in different corners, which is something that makes a big difference to how you plan your coverage.

The TY1 also has super-crisp 1080p video recording as standard, so wherever it’s pointing or whatever it detects, you’ll get really clear footage of it when you review it. You can even take advantage of its two-way talk system to communicate with visitors or family members through the camera. There’s also excellent night vision, which actually makes the camera really adaptable – we know people who use it as a baby monitor, for example!

EZVIZ CTQ3N Colour Night Vision Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera – £79.99

There’s night vision and there’s colour night vision, though, and the CTQ3N manages the latter, which is the sort of security footage that revolutionises things once you check it out. It makes for incredibly clear video that can highlight important details like the colour of someone’s car or clothes, to help you recognise them whether they’re friends and family or not. The camera can also deploy spotlights automatically to light up a scene and act as either a deterrent or a welcoming bit of light.

Meanwhile, its video is once again in beautiful 1080p, letting you pick out important details easily, and built-in AI lets it detect approaching people so that you’re not just notified anytime a squirrel runs in front of the lens, which some other competitors can struggle with. It’s a superb option for a driveway or back garden.

EZVIZ C3X Dual-Lens Colour Night Vision Outdoor Camera – £149.99

If you want to opt for something even more cutting edge, though, you can see what makes the C3X so special just by taking a careful look at its lenses – the plural being key, because it’s actually a dual-lens camera. This makes for unparalleled accuracy in its recording, with each lens taking care of a different part of the equation to make sure that colours are perfectly accurate and brightness is completely right, and enables it to record colour night vision without needing supplemental lights. It all adds up to picture quality that’s jaw-droppingly good in both light conditions and in dimmer situations, too.

Thanks to a sophisticated onboard AI machine-learning algorithm, you get superb automatic person and vehicle detection that ensures you’re only notified when it’s really relevant, and you can also easily set custom zones to watch more carefully and get automatic notifications for – which is perfect if you’ve got a present you’re hiding from someone in your family! It’s an amazing package that packs a surefire upgrade on the home security most people are used to.

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