Everything You Need To Know About Amnesia Haze 

Amnesia haze

Amnesia haze is one of the international fames that almost all cannabis lovers like due to its sweet flavors and aromas. Amnesia provides a tremendous effect and a unique psychedelic euphoria. The following article will provide you with vital information you need to know about amnesia haze. 

What Is Amnesia Haze?  

Amnesia haze is a crossbreed of amnesia and haze. It is the first parent who is Sativa dominant. It is created through a range of different genetics by most breeders. Haze is the second parent of amnesia haze. It is a popular, almost pure Sativa well known for its uplifting high and energetic characteristics? It’s rich in features, attractive aromas with a combination of sweet flavors with some pinch of citrus. Therefore, amnesia haze is Sativa-dominant with high potency and THC level.  

This cannabis strain was initially found in the Netherlands before it spread to the rest of the world. Due to its Sativa to Indica proportion, amnesia haze is said to have similar characteristics as Jamaican cannabis. The THC level in amnesia haze depends on the specific batch. However, the average THC level in the amnesia haze ranges from mid to high. You can use amnesia haze during the day without clouding your thinking. The high potency level in amnesia haze makes it perfect for treating some medical conditions such as anxiety, migraine, and stress. 

How to grow an amnesia haze?

You can comfortably grow amnesia haze either indoors or outdoors. However, the growing process of this strain may not be as easy as you may think and hence may require high commitment. When growing it indoors, you should use large pots as they can grow to a giant plant. You should also be ready to prune it regularly to control its size. Ensure the buds are well supported and in a well-ventilated place since this strain is prone to pests and infections.  

When growing this plant, you will be required to expose it to the appropriate conditions such as adequate light, enough temperature ranging between seventy to eighty-five degrees Celsius, and enough space to expand. Secondly, you should get the best amnesia, high-quality fertile seeds. You can always buy these seeds in person or online. Once you have acquired the suitable sources, you can plant them in the prepared place with the above conditions. Ensure that you have the appropriate pesticides, you are constantly monitoring the plant, and the conditions you exposed it to are not changing. 

When you follow the above steps appropriately, your plant will grow and prepare you for the establishment and harvest process.  

It’s good to note that, when growing amnesia, you will be required to spend some extra time with your plant. Secondly, you will need to expose it to the right food, like foliage. Foliar will help protect your plant as it will help improve the plant’s immune system and protect it against possible infections and viruses. 

To apply foliar, you should sprinkle it on the leaves. You should also consider the flowering time as you may lose yield if you are not careful. Amnesia takes up to three weeks to start flowering. If you follow these steps appropriately, then you can be sure to harvest your amnesia haze. Always remember to ask for help from a friend with experience of growing amnesia or seek advice from professional breeders.  

Amnesia Haze Strains  

Amnesia Haze By Zamnesia Seeds

This amnesia strain results from crossbreeding the genetics of sativa haze and amnesia by the Zamnesia Seeds. This led to creating one of the best strains, now familiar and high-rated. It has proven to have some energetic and euphoric effects.   

Amnesia Haze Automatic By Royal Queens

The royal queens created this automatic strain by crossbreeding the original amnesia strain with reduelis genetics. Amnesia mechanical strain is one of the best strains to grow if you are a fan of amnesia and want to enjoy a quick home-growing project. Amazingly, this strain can do well and flourish if exposed to the appropriate settings. The sweet and citrus aroma of the original amnesia is still present in this strain.

Amnesia Haze Lemon by Barney’s farm  

Amnesia Lemon is another excellent and well-rated strain. This delicious strain is made by crossbreeding the original amnesia haze and lemon skunk genetics at Barney’s farm seeds. The potency of the two-parent and the THC leveled to produce the best and most effective strain.

Benefits Of Amnesia Haze

Amnesia has some fantastic therapeutic benefits, as described below: 

  • Amnesia haze has enough CBD that provides relaxation and pain relief. This makes it best for treating depression and chronic pain. 
  • Amnesia haze is a perfect remedy for stress and fatigue. 
  • If a patient has any symptoms of ADHD/ADD, then an amnesia haze can be the best remedy. 
  • Amnesia can also help in treating migraine and headaches.  

During social gatherings and parties, you can use amnesia as a perfect way to boost your energy and improve your socialization.

Final thoughts

Amnesia is one of the perfect and effective strains you can never go wrong with. However, if you are a newbie in the cannabis world, then you should not take large doses of this strain at once. It would be best to regulate your intake as this strain has a high level of THC. In addition, when growing an amnesia, ensure you are ready to spend your extra time if you want to experience high yields.   

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