Common causes of watering in the eyes


Tears are often construed in the light of emotions, which while certainly in one role played by them, but there are other purposes of watering of the eyes.

Our eyes need sufficient lubrication for to functioning normally, and this task is handled by tears. Moreover, they also keep the eyes clean, trapping and removing any debris that may have made its way into the eyes.

Furthermore, tears also are a part of the immune system, preventing the eyes from getting infected.

When the tear system is functioning normally, the tears are contained to the eyes. However, excess production leads to watering of the eyes, that causes the tears to spill out. While in some cases the issue is acute, but in others, it may be a chronic problem, meriting then the intervention of an Eye doctor in Lahore.

There are many different reasons for watering of the eyes. Some common causes include:


When allergens make contact with the eyes, it then triggers an allergic reaction, causing the eyes to water excessively.


Blepharitis is a condition that causes irritation and redness of the eyes. Caused due to the buildup of products and debris in the eyes, blepharitis causes inflammation in the eyelids, that then leads to excess production of tears.

Blocked tear duct

Tear ducts help in the drainage of the tears from the eyes. When the ducts become clogged, due to various reasons like infections, injuries etc., tears cannot be drained properly. This then causes the tears to pool in the eyes, eventually spilling out of the eyes.


Conjunctivitis is a condition that is a result of viral or bacterial infections in the eye. Also known as pink eye, this condition causes the eyes to become red, itchy and feel gritty, alongside tearing.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes is a condition in which the eyes are unable to stay sufficiently hydrated, either because of the poor quality of tears produced, or greater rate of evaporation of the tears. This causes the eyes to produce tears in more amount.

The symptoms of dry eyes include redness, irritation, pain, and itchiness, alongside the characteristic watering.

Eye lash issues

Eye lashes may grow inward or sag outwards, irritating the eyes, causing them to water excessively then.

Foreign object

The presence of foreign object can also trigger the tear production to go into overdrive, as the eyes try to remove the object with the extra production of the tears. Common culprits include dirt, your eyelash, any debris etc.

The risk of foreign object becomes higher when the weather is windy, as there are greater particles suspended in the air.


Some irritants can also cause the eyes to water excessively. While some can be rather innocuous like onions, but there can be others like chemicals, or smoke that stimulate the production of tears.


Styes are bumps that develop alongside waterline. Caused often due to bacterial infection, styes cause discomfort alongside watering of the eyes. Usually, the problem resolves on its own, after a few days.


Since our eyes have direct contact with our external environment, therefore, any changes with the weather can also cause the eyes to water. In winters, the air is very dry, which can cause the eyes to become dry as well. This causes the body to produce excess tears, thereby causing them to water.

Moreover, in summers, with air conditioning blasting, the air becomes dry, thereby causing the watering of the eyes as well.

Scratch on the eye

Scratch on the surface of the cornea is an extremely painful condition. Alongside causing the eyes to water, it also causes the eyes to become red, develop sensitivity to the eyes, blurring of the vision etc.

While sometimes the scratch can heal on its own, other times, it may require the help of the Best Eye Specialist in Islamabad.

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