Best Cordless Drill 2020: Power Drills For Proper DIY

Best Cordless Drill 2020: Power Drills For Proper DIY

If you know a thing or two about fixing stuff, or if you’re thinking of getting into the DIY game for the first time, there are a few tools you’re simply not going to be able to live without. Chief among these is a good power drill.

These battery-powered bad boys will help you drill things all over the shop without breaking a sweat, and can be a real lifesaver if something falls apart and you don’t want to call someone with some actual qualifications to help you out. We’ve rounded up the very best models on the market to give you some quality choices in the list below.

Our guide to the best cordless drill to buy today

DeWalt 18V XR Brushless


The yellow and black stylings of DeWalt tools are impossible to miss, and they’re a great way to be confident that you’re getting a quality product. This drill is no different, with a powerful motor that’ll help you power through your odd-jobs and projects alike.

The drill is light and easy to hold, which is key when working, and isn’t even particularly loud in use, which is a godsend for your neighbours, at the very least. It’s also nice and rugged, making sure that you don’t have to worry about it getting the odd bash or bump. A quality product that takes our top spot.

Bosch PSB 18 Ergonomic


This ergonomic drill from Bosch doesn’t look like much else on the market. We really like its finger guard, which also acts as a grip if you’re going for hard-to-reach places, while the drill is easy to hold even without it.

Bosch is an expert when it comes to keeping costs down, which makes this drill a great bit of value if you don’t fancy spending too much. Plus with all of 20 torque settings to play with you’ll be able to tune it to suit any job. Its battery life is impressive, and it all adds up to a really good-value bundle.

Black + Decker 18V hammer drill


Another drill that shouldn’t threaten your bank account too much is offered up by the distinctive Black + Decker hammer drill, all orange and black. It’s a sleek device despite that sizeable battery pack on the bottom and is great to use.

It’s got a powerful motor and a guiding LED to help you see what you’re doing, while its relatively small size makes it comfortable and easy to hold and work with. If you want a slightly cheaper version, Black + Decker does make less powerful models, too.

Ryobi R18IDP-120S 18V One+


Part of the appeal of Ryobi’s One+ system is that one type of battery works for all of the models and tools, which is great the more you pick up. Even leaving that aside, this impact driver is like a drill on steroids, with massive power and adaptability.

In fact, it’s likely to be overkill for most DIY jobs, but if you’re starting to get serious about your woodworking or home jobs, then there’s no harm in kitting yourself out. This is a tool that won’t let you down.

Makita DHP484RTJ


This Makita kit is a real powerhouse, packing in huge battery capacity, a spare battery pack and charger to make for a kit that any professional would be proud to use.

That means it might be unnecessary for just a little DIY, but we think it could still be perfect for enthusiasts. Plus, it’s got all the features you’d want, including an LED guide-light and brushless, efficient motor. Of course, you’re paying for the quality, too, making it a rather expensive choice.

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