7 Best Marketing Books For Beginners: A Must Read Collection

Marketing Books

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur? Want to know what it takes for you to start your own business, or even how to do business today in this competitive market? If so then read the following list of top marketing books for beginners which are must-reads. This is by no means an exhaustive list but does provide some great insights into how businesses can succeed in the online age. The following list contains 7 books that give really useful information about starting your own business and using marketing techniques that will enable you as a small business owner or as a member of an enterprise team to make money and increase profits.If you would like to buy any youtube, soundcloud, spotify and more services, Jaynike will help you in this case.

    7 Best Marketing Books For Beginners

        Influence, New and Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion

        Marketing Books For Beginners: Breakthrough Advertising

        Guerrilla Marketing For The Home Based Business

        Duct Tape Marketing Revised & Updated-Marketing Books For Beginners

        Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book For Beginners

        The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding

        Best Marketing Books For Beginners: 500 Social Media Marketing Tips

    Best Marketing Books For Beginners Honorable Mention

    Which Of The Following Statements About Marketing Is True?

In our quest for marketing knowledge we have discovered a List Of Marketing Books, that are without a doubt, the 7 Best Marketing Books For Beginners to use regardless of their niche or business type.

Hands Down, these truly are a must read collection that should be a part of any online marketer’s personal library. As a matter of fact, many successful online entrepreneurs have accredited their success directly to these Home-Based and Small Business Marketing Books.

Since we first dipped our feet into the online waters of marketing we’ve been infatuated with learning as many tips and secret tactics as possible to improve upon our marketing skills. However, with marketing methods constantly evolving, keeping up with what works and what doesn’t (for running a successful campaign) can be a pain in the backside for ambitious beginners. That is why we have put together this list of small business marketing books to act as an aspirin for the headache that’s associated with running a profitable marketing campaign. Whether it be online or off.

7 Best Marketing Books For Beginners

These books we have listed are an everyday part of our marketing life and the knowledge that we have gained from them has played a vital role in helping us cash in on our entrepreneurial business ventures. And without a doubt, we are sure that they will help you too! So without further ado, in no particular order, here is our list of the Top 7 Marketing Books For Beginners to read and learn from.

We chose these books according to a collection of the successful online marketers, business owners and Amazon customer reviews!

Influence, New and Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion

In this book, written by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, you will find over 35 years of proven documented scientific research into the psychology of persuasion. It also shows how persuasion can be used to alter the buyer mindset into saying yes to a purchase rather than saying no. Dr. Robert Cialdini has studied the field of psychology and influence and his 35 years of experimental trials makes him one of the top leading experts for determining what makes people buy.

Recently before the release of Influence Dr. Cialdini had just finished up a three year behavioral study of over 100 people. In this book you will find the evidence from that study and how you can use it to your financial benefit. This book is not just intended for learning the six universal principles of influence and persuasion. You will also learn how to use these psychological principles to keep you from falling a victim to someone skilled in the arts of persuasion.

So if you are learning how to master the skills of influence and persuasion to better understand how to change the mindset of your buyers then you can check out and buy Dr. Cialdini’s book. You will be blown away by your awesome new conversion rates. Well, at least we were!

Marketing Books For Beginners: Breakthrough Advertising

OK, if we had to determine which one of these educational marking books is our favorite than Mr. Schwarts’s Breakthrough Advertising would be at the top. Eugene Schwarts wrote and released Breakthrough Advertising in January of 2004 and the world class copyright info that you will find in this book comes from the many decades of expertise he had in the field of advertising.

Even though the author Mr. Schwarts has passed away and is not with us today his book continues to teach copyrighting or what is now more commonly known as content marketing to those of us who have created a website for our small businesses.

In this day and age it is very uncommon for anyone with a business not to have a website. What is common among entrepreneurs are conversion ratings, better yet the suffering of conversions at one time or another.

That is where this book came into play for us because it was not that we were offering a sub-par product, it was that we were not expressing our product in a way that would be welcomed by our potential customers. In other words we were not marketing our content correctly and thanks to reading this book (a few times) we were able to learn a more effective way to connect with people on our sales pages.

The only downfall that we could remotely consider for this book is that it is not what we would call an easy read. Therefore if you are new to marketing, copyrighting (content marketing), or advertising then you will have to do your homework to understand some of the terminology and examples.

If you know your product is solid but yet still suffering from a lack of sales then we would recommend getting Mr. Eugene Schwarts’s Breakthrough Advertising. After reading it, see if you don’t notice a difference on more levels than one.

Guerrilla Marketing For The Home Based Business

[amazon box=”B000F4LBGI”] 

In this must read Marketing Book For Beginners you’ll find Guerrilla Marketing tactics from the combined entrepreneurial experiences of Seth Godin and Jay Conrad Levinson.

These two men have dedicated themselves to teaching small business owners how to gain visibility to their brands by implementing extremely creative marketing techniques to their already struggling campaigns.

As for a little background on the authors of Guerrilla Marketing for the Home Based Business, Jay and Seth discovered the practices that they teach well before “viral marketing” was ever used or taught to the public masses.  Along with this book these two have also printed and released many other Marketing books.

All of their creations are aimed at helping large and small businesses alike succeed in increasing their profits through the use of creative marketing campaigns. In this book you will see (start to Finish) real-time case studies of new home business owners implementing the practices and tactics they have learned from Jay and Seth and incorporating them into marketing their business. All of which can be easily duplicated and activated into any entrepreneur’s business modules.

The case studies coupled with the creative teachings in the home based Guerrilla Marketing book will give you a university-like educational value. In our case , we have helped to grow the audience of potential customers that we are able to reach on a daily basis.

It has also helped us and many other entrepreneurs to use the size of our small businesses to our advantage and beat out much larger companies in securing buyers. In many instances it’s helped us win over (Steal) the competition’s customers.

These reasons are exactly why we consider this as one of the best marketing books. We highly recommend every business owner or marketer add Guerrilla Marketing for the Home Based Business to their home library.

Duct Tape Marketing Revised & Updated-Marketing Books For Beginners

[amazon box=”B0067TMIW”] 

Also known as the world’s most practical Small Business Marketing Guide. As we all know, duct tape can fix anything. That is why this marketing book is so appropriately named Duct Tape Marketing because it is intended to help fix any small business’s marketing campaigns by laying out a step by step guide of proven successful marketing strategies.

Between the covers of this book you will find real life (real-time) case studies that have been effectively proven over the years to provide a clear-cut path to a profitable small business in an entertainingly easy to read and understand format.

The author of Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch, has over 20 lucrative years of experience implementing the exact same techniques and strategies that he covers up to small business owners and online marketers like yourself. Based on his years of success in the industry he has put together a guide for entrepreneurs to follow so they can revamp/fix a failed business venture and begin marketing their business successfully.

If you are not familiar with John Jantsch he is considered to be somewhat of a Guru in the department of business coaching and a leading adviser in the field of marketing and has been so since the early 90’s. So, in other words, hundreds upon hundreds of online entrepreneurs and small business owners can’t be wrong when they say that he really knows what he is talking about when it comes to marketing a business and making money with it.

There are a lot of books out there that claim to be full of knowledge and know-how but most of them, when it boils down to it, are full of a bunch of fluff and theories. This is not one of those! So, at the bare minimum you should at least check it out from your local library because the updated and revised version of Duct Tape Marketing will give you all kinds of new marketing strategies that will improve your skills as a marketer.

Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book For Beginners

This is the second edition of James Stephenson’s Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide that will give you over 200 new marketing ideas to help you enhance your businesses sales and services.

If you read the first edition of Mr.Stephenson’s book then you will find some of the same marketing techniques reappearing in this edition only this time they have been updated to accommodate the new age of business. Here are just a few of the updated methods from the first edition of the Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide :

    40 methods for creative selling

    50 innovative ways for obtaining free PR

    100 updated tips for direct marketing and advertising

    35 proven marketing tricks

    90 new age marketing techniques

As we said these are just a few of the tips and tricks that you will find updated from the first edition and only scratch the surface of the 1000’s expert marketing techniques that you will discover etched within the pages of this book. There are in fact over 1,500 proven successful methods of free PR in the bindings of this entrepreneurs paradise and if you pay close attention on how to implement them it will not only lead you to brilliant new marketing strategies it will result in you discovering a few new ones on your own.

The book itself is a pretty easy read and is mixed with a bit of humor from James Stephenson as he talks about some of his past failures and successes but by no means takes away from the educational value that this book holds for all online marketers and small business owners.

However the book itself is rather old and as time goes on you will find some of the tips and tricks go with it. For the purpose of learning how to find new golden opportunities in a creative out-of-the-box fashion it most certainly is worth the time. 

The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding

This is one of the better marketing books for beginners. It was released in 2002 by Al and Laura Ries who are two well known marketing gurus. They have helped many companies rise from the depths and claim their seat in the winners circle of big name business.

Do not let the age of this book fool you, because even though the way we market today is different than it was in 2002, the methods taught in this book are just as lucrative today as they were over a decade ago.

Reason this book of marketing legend still works is due to the step-by-step evergreen Branding tactics that shows you how to build a stand-out above the rest kind of brand. Because as small business owners and marketers we already know that the key to long term success is a rock solid head above the rest brand.

It will point and click you in the direction of 22 laws for creating a brand that your customers are not likely to forget. Also in this book you will find Al and Laura’s 11 laws for developing an online brand for not only your business but for yourself. This book is riddled with examples and phrases that are used by Al Ries to help prove some of his arguments on matters like branding symbols being overrated which in turn lead to very simplistic conclusions in a few instances.

The book is very thought provoking and overall is worth reading because it can and will give you a better grasp on how to build your business into a brand that people will remember. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding is worth getting for the extra marketing advice that you will find tucked away in it’s pages as well as for the 11 laws of internet branding that come with it as a bonus.

Best Marketing Books For Beginners: 500 Social Media Marketing Tips

[amazon box=”B007L50HE6″] 

The entire name of this book is actually 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More.

That’s a bit of a mouthful so we will just call it 500 Social Media Marketing Tips. In early 2013 this book was written and released by Andrew Macarthy and from the long drawn out name you can probably guess it’s purpose in the literary world.

With so many different channels that people have for expressing themselves socially there’s no doubt why this book has gained so much popularity over the last year and a half. With it being spot on with it’s social marketing tips it can only stand to help any marketer or business owner that may read it. However, from a marketers stand point, you will find that some of these tips are ones that you already knew of or have already tried.

For the most part you will discover new social tricks. In our case,  we did learn a great deal about social strategy that we otherwise would have never even thought of and a few tricks on how to make what we did know work better. A downside to this book would be that it does seem to start out like it is targeting the beginner marketer but the further that you read the more you understand that it was done on purpose so that everyone reading could understand how to implement some of the more drawn out tactics.

The pages of this best seller also hold an added bonus for anyone that might happen to find themselves putting it on their shelves at home and that is 10 free design templates for social media. You can find hundreds of video tutorials on YouTube showing you how to use Andrew Macarthy’s Social Media tips.

That ought to be enough proof that Mr. Macarthy’s book of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips is one of the better marketing books for taking advantage of the social media world.

Best Marketing Books For Beginners Honorable Mention

Alright then fellow Marketers and small business owners, there’s one more book that we could not just leave out of the mix. It deserves at least an honorable mention because it too has helped us in our marketing careers by giving us a leg up on our competitors and more importantly in our mobile money making ventures. It’s called Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed: Leverage Resources by Patrick Schwerdtfeger.

What we like best about this book is that it did exactly what we hoped it was going to do for us when we first read the title and then some. We were not going to include this book but our conscience got the better of me.

After all, how could we keep this site’s name intact if we are not 100% honest about what has helped us make honest online money. Well, that’s our list of the all time Best Marketing Books For Beginners that are a must read collection for all serious business owners and online entrepreneurs to have at his or her disposal. At least go check out this list of Marketing Books from your local library.

Which Of The Following Statements About Marketing Is True?

    Marketing is an ever changing

    It can be mastered by anyone 

    Beginners need to read and research to learn marketing concepts

Guess what? All of those statements are entirely true. The books we’ve recommended in this article will definitely help you (as a beginner, or even intermediate) to master marketing on your own.

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