5 Quick Hacks To Start Your Day Full Of Energy by Dr Asif Munaf

Start Your Day Full Of Energy

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, when you wake up and spend the first few hours define your entire day. When you open your eyes, you have two choices: hop out of bed and start your day with energy or hit the snooze button and dread the day ahead.

If your morning has a shaky start, you will experience a downward spiral of negative events. On the contrary, if you start your day with contentment, you will be able to enjoy your day to a fuller extent. Research shows that mornings set the tone for the rest of the day, but most of us lag in making our morning happy and exciting.

Do you want to start your day feeling ready to accomplish anything but feel sluggish and have to drag yourself out of bed? This is where Dr Asif Munaf comes in and saves the day. As a certified life coach and fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer, he can help you out start your day with full energy.

Dr Asif Munaf pursued his career as a nutritionist and mental health expert after identifying the many gaps in healthcare management, such as the lack of quality food that impacts patient health in many aspects. Later, he broadened his horizon of expertise and currently serves as a lifestyle expert. The nutritionist shares some healthy lifestyle habits you can practice in the morning and stay energetic throughout the day.


Meditation is the best way to start the day with a positive mindset; it also helps you feel good, which results in a calm and content day. In addition, it imparts an immense sense of positivity, clarity, and happiness.

When you sleep, your energy resets, and your first thoughts in the morning will influence your mood. To make the best use of this, Dr Asif Munaf suggests starting your day with meditation that fuels your whole day with energy. It helps to improve your focus, turning your day productive.

Stretch Yourself Out

Do you wake up with a feeling of laziness in the morning? Dr Asif Munaf recommends stretching out first thing in the morning, as it is one easy exercise that doesn’t require any effort. Stretching also gives you an instant rush of the love hormone, i.e., dopamine. This rush uplifts your mood as well as boosts your energy levels.

When you stretch, endorphins are released, which reduces pain and relieves muscle tension and stress. Besides, stretching improves muscle flexibility and blood circulation. So, don’t forget to perform this simple exercise before starting your day and see the magic.

Having a Glass of water

There is nothing better than having a glass of water, preferably warm, to start your day. While it is no secret that it is a healthy habit, many are unaware of its advantages. According to Dr Munaf, being hydrated as soon as you wake up makes it easier to flush out all the toxins your body stores overnight. In addition, it improves the functioning of your digestive system and helps better the absorption of nutrients.

Go for a walk

Exercise may not be your priority, but it solves many health issues if done regularly. Beginning your day with a walk is a great way to give your body numerous health advantages. It not only helps reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue but also enhances your mood. Additionally, it could aid in losing weight and preventing various illnesses, such as the risk of developing heart diseases and certain cancers.

Having a Cup of Coffee

Are you wondering if coffee is the right way to begin your day or not? Although caffeine is a stimulant, Dr Asif reveals that it can help kick-start your day. That is because coffee is one of the richest natural sources of caffeine, giving you a jolt of energy while enabling you to stay awake when you feel sleepy and tired. But, of course, moderation is important. Anything done in excess can be harmful, so stay mindful.

Don’t forget to follow these tips by expert nutritionist Dr Asif Munaf as surely you will feel a huge shift in your energy right from day one!

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